Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Space Crusaders

These are some space crusader vixens. The top sketch is a space "cowgirl" and she travels space in search of special treasures and stealing them, sometimes she gets into trouble with the law.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vilppu sketch

Vilppu sketch from down in Sheldon's studio. He drew on my drawing pad, I got a pencil and a pen drawing on one piece of paper...sweet...anyway, this is for any figure drawing lovers. Sorry for the reflection guys.

Monday, June 11, 2007

This is a maquette that I built based off of Spaldo, one of the ghost hunters I designed. It was a struggle at first since I had to imagine the bone structure inside, but he's a fat chubby fellow so I had to imagine his disproportionate body since he's not based off realistic proportions. I've learned a lot from doing this project, especially letting clay dry slowly and from now on not taking it out of the oven right away since it will mostly crack, which it did. :( But no worries, it was just in his foot, easily fixable. :)

Here is my Chinese shadow puppeteer character that I designed in my BFA class last past semester. He is a small old man, charismatic, but he has bad intentions when he teaches his monkey to steal from peoples' homes while he performs a show in their village.

Figure Sketches from Cogswell

Here are my lastest figure drawings from Jun. 6th. I've never drawn this model, and she was really good, she got into character with her pirate hat and sword. I'll try to practice drawing figures more by attending these sessions every wed. I try to keep them loose with gesture but I still want indicate everything like toes and hands.